New Year’s Resolutions

It’s already January 5th and I’ve been considering options, first and foremost, to stop procrastinating, but I don’t want to rush into that as it closes the door on too many other interesting options. I watched the arrival of 2003 on MTV. Snoop Dog was on a few minutes past midnight, live and rhyming his brains out. Really impressive. So I’m thinking of trying to rhyme more if I can find a way to do it inconspicuously. So far my efforts have sounded forced. Once I got onto the subject of language, I considered eliminating the antecedentless “it” from my speech altogether. This could be a little tricky, but easier. I’m moving slower ’cause the temperature is lower.  Soon snow will be falling, but still I’m stalling. Procrastination again. But if I put off X and do Y instead, wouldn’t I be putting of Y if I did X? Is X really more important? Who says? For example, if X is finishing my status report and Y is writing this blither, the conventional wisdom would be that doing Y first would amount to procrastination, but isn’t that a value judgement? Is it only procrastination if one delays important things to perform less important things? This would seem to be the common usage. I’ll bet Frances Ford Coppola didn’t do his status reports on time during the filming of Apocalypse Now. Was he procrastinating. If he had resolved to stop procrastinating, would he still be in the jungle writing status reports? But wait! I could resolve to quit doing status reports. Wouldn’t pure pig-headed refusal to do stuff be better than procrastination. Liberation from the work and the guilt! Wow! I think I might be on to something here. I need to stop for now and think about this. I’ll report my progress at some time in the future – unless I decide not to.

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