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Infinite Series Without Numbers

It is painful to realize the insight I didn’t have when I tried to figure this out and even worse that a very young cute girl has it nailed. Just watch this!. Oh, and she does binary trees and exponential

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Parentheses « xkcd

I (really) like this (a lot), (and XKCD is amazing (if you didn’t already know)).

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Bananagrams Again

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Clemens Kogler – Le Grand Content

Le Grand Content by Clemens Kogler is all about connections.

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Apple Guy

Rethinking the Mobile Web by Yiibu View more presentations from Bryan Rieger.

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New Proof Unknown “Structures” Tug at Our Universe

Evidence would be a better world than proof, but nonetheless this National Geographic Article is fascinating

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Bananagram Histogram

Note: daedlus42’s histobananagram predatesmine by four months, but I was unaware of ituntil I googled bananagram histogram.

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As the soles of my shoes hit the soft ground, I pushed past the tall cottonwood trees in a euphoric cadence, and meandered through willow branches that the moose munched on,

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On Gratis Guidance

Free advice is worth the price. – Robert Half

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