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I started because I’m tired of politicians standing up and talking about “Protecting our Freedom” one day, and then the next day they are pushing the FCC to fine a broadcaster millions of dollars over words that offend a few campaign contributors. A few large media companies and politicians get to decide what I can watch, read and listen to? I guess in this election year “Freedom” only means “Fighting Terrorism” and does not include the First Amendment.

Now the FCC is talking about trying to regulate cable and satellite? When did this country turn Communist? We need to tell the Government that this is NOT acceptable, and the only thing they seem to want to listen to is votes and money- especially in an election year.

The whole idea here is to collect a LOT of legitimate names, not like some of these other petitions that you see on the net that are more about advertising than making a difference. This is for real, we verify email addresses, and we ask for an “e-signature” (Made possible by legislation passed by President Clinton). When you sign this petition it’s like signing a legal document. This is the real deal.

Once we get a lot of names, we plan on sending letters to politicians that say things like “Dear Senator ABC, based on the statistics from the petition at, there are 12,345 people in your district that have pledged support for free speech and against further censorship. We urge you to reconsider the recent actions of the FCC and pledge your support for free speech. Show the voters you are serious about their first amendment rights.” — We have already had people from different government servers looking at the petition- the more people that sign the petition the more attention we will get.

Help support the campaign. Sign the Petition and then tell as many people as you can about what we are trying to do.

Thank you for your support!


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