Suicide Bombing

On the Quang Duc Homepage, Robert Topmiller writes:

For many Americans, the dramatic photo of the Thich Quang Duc?s self-immolation in 1963 constitutes their most enduring memory of the Vietnam War. In June of that year, as the Buddhist rebellion against Ngo Dinh Diem gained momentum, the elderly monk sat in a lotus position on a busy Saigon street and set himself on fire. This first and most spectacular self-immolation of the 1963 Buddhist crisis, an incredible act of protest that galvanized world opinion, served as a moving example of South Vietnamese resistance to the Diem regime that stamped an image on the Vietnam war that has never faded away.

It is my humble suggestion to today’s would-be suicide bombers that following Quang Duc’s example would go a lot farther to further their causes than the killing of innocent non-combatants.

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