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MongoDB is web scale

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Feature Bloat Epidemic Threatens Public Safety Systems

Based on this informal Linkedin poll, 70% of us agree with the proposition that we could live with half the features in our applications, and that performance and reliability are more important qualities.   This is not a surprising result.

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Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud Computing Explained by Mark Fetherolf, Chief Technology Officer, InterAct Cloud computing brings a sensational array of opportunities to the public safety community, not only to eliminate the cost of massively redundant infrastructure, but also to open communication channels that

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cloudcomputers.png 580×561 pixels


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Operational Benefits of Multiagency Incident Response and Records Systems

When agencies use shared information systems, rather than operating separate facilities and applications, they can save up to ninety percent of the total cost of ownership. The more participants, the greater the savings. This being the case, one might imagine

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To which I says …

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: Nothing ever succeeds which exuberant spirits have not helped to produce. I Says: Maintaining exuberance in the face of the bozo explosion is therefore the challenge.   have a snappy reply to Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche? Tweet @towhichisays

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Murder Rate Drops!

  47D7zGq.png 482×387 pixels.  

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I want this!

  Ping Pong Robots and Equipment for improving your table tennis skills |

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List [[[of lists] of lists] of top 10 things]

Lifehacker published a list of their most popular top 10 lists of 2012. I thought this was cool, and found other lists of top 10 lists: The Ultimate Top Ten Lists from Listverse. The Top Ten Best Top Ten Lists from

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Merry Christmas

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